Kohla Splitboard Skins

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Kohla Splitboard Skins

Available size: 170cm long / 135mm wide


The skin strip is ideally adjustable and variable in length due to its prefabricated shovel section with Cobra tip connection and asymmetric cut. The Multi-Clip tail connection system included in the delivery can be applied to a max. board length of up to 179 cm. The assembling and adjustment of the system is made easier through graphics on the adhesive side. Both the Vacuum Base and the Hot-Melt technology make the Peak Splitboard the perfect choice for you. It can be designed and finished in a super flexible manner.


  • Specific solvent-free Hot-Melt glue

  • Application range up to -30°C

  • Prefabricated skin strip (135 mm width)

  • Supplied with skin bag, protective foil

  • Lenght 170 cm

  • Multifit Skin

  • Mixmohair (65% mohair/35% nylon)

  • 4 layer lamination

  • Exclusive speed webbing

  • Water-resistant fluorocarbon impregnation

  • Solvent-free coating

  • Polyester-cotton back layer system

  • PA and TPE plastic parts

  • Stainless steel tip attachment

  • Butterfly attachment