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hybrid skins for splitboards up to 180 cm long with innovative Velcro system at the tip.

Comes with rivets to fix the tail clamp in place. Trimming set includes trimming tool, a hollow punch, cleaning wipes and stuff sack with microfibre cloth to clean and dry the base before applying skins.

Our unique hybrid adhesive technology is made up of two different layers of technical glue which together create both a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack on the ski base. 


BUT: It is very important to check the adhesive layer regularly and clean it if necessary. Dust, dirt and ski wax residue do affect the adhesive performance and require the hybrid adhesive to be cleaned.

Watch the video tutorial on how to trim your skins.

plush 65 % Mohair blend
adhesive hybrid
tip attachment Velcro tip fix
tail attachment wire buckle + clamp with rivets
models trimmable
all-round – expert
piste – powder